​Those stubborn fats that just won’t go away

To the frustration of many, some body fat just won’t go away. 

have to deal with the stubborn fats in their hips, thighs, and buttocks while men do their best to rid their bodies of love handles. For both men and women, eliminating belly fat is a common challenge.

Belly fat could either be subcutaneous or visceral. Subcutaneous fat is stored directly below the skin while visceral fat is stored around the abdominal region. The presence of excess abdominal fat poses different health risks like diabetes, heart disease, and different types of cancer.

Waist size is one way to tell if a person has dangerous levels of visceral fat. A waist size of 40 inches is a cause for alarm among men, while a waist size of 35 inches is an indicator of excess visceral fat among women.

More Filipino women at risk

According to the 8th National Nutrition Survey (NNS) of the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), many adult Filipinas have a high waist circumference, a marker of high abdominal fat levels.  

In 2013, the percentage of women with a high waist circumference went up from 19.9 to 23.1. The 8th NNS also showed that the number of women with high waist-hip ratio remained high. 

The 8th NNS also showed the number of Filipino men with high waist-hip ratio and waist circumference was steadier in the last few years compared to women. 

Why belly fats are stubborn?

Though exercise and a healthy diet are crucial to removing belly fat, there are a number of different factors that make abdominal fat harder to manage. Hormones, genes, and age are all complicating variables.

A person’s metabolism tends to slow down as they age. Hormonal changes in both and women also result in more abdominal fat. 
When a woman reaches menopause, production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone slows down and her belly tends to amass more fat. Hormonal changes in a man—specifically the drop in testosterone levels—can make for a larger gut. 

Loss of muscle mass makes it harder for both men and women to use its calories. As a result, the abdominal area accumulates more visceral fat. 

Stress is another factor behind those unwanted pounds. A high-sugar and high-calorie diet is just one of many behaviors found in stressed people. It is the stress hormone cortisol, however, that causes enlargement of fat cells. 

A study also revealed that that those who slept five hours or less increase their chances of gaining 30 pounds or more. The US National Institute of Health recommends seven to eight hours of sleep at night to prevent weight gain. 

Body contouring as a choice

For people who can’t shed stubborn fat through diet and exercise, fat-removing procedures remain an option. 

Conventional laser devices have been used to remove unwanted fat but thermal or heat-based injuries to the skin that tend to be painful and inconvenient. They also cause significant erythema, a reddening of the skin. 

Body contouring is a new clinical application of laser technology. SculpSure®, the latest laser applicator used for body contouring treatment is much smaller and shortens treatment time to 25 minutes. This spares patients from the inconveniences of conventional laser treatment. 

has US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen among individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less. 

Cynosure Inc., the creator of SculpSure®, is a leader in medical devices for surgeries and aesthetic procedures. 

Mean Girls Makeup show by the first batch of graduates of ACHDB

How do you pursue your passion? It was one of the tough question for me because before I am also afraid of taking risk and just go with the flow. I dreamt of becoming a TV reporter or even a flight attendant someday because I really wanted to be updated on what’s happening and also I am very passionate in travelling. Everything backs down when I got into college since Nursing is in trend during my time, I took this course because simply my parents liked it for me and easy to go abroad. No regrets of taking this course eventhough at the back of my mind, I still ask myself what my life would be if I pursued what I love? So there it goes, that’s why I am into blogging right now because at least I was still able to pursue my passion even I’m not a graduate of broadcasting.

One of the things that I really love the most is make up! I was able to attend the Mean Girls Makeup show last weekend and hey, it’s not they are “mean,” this girls showcases what they were passionate about. The makeup show is part of their curriculum course in Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty and they were the first batch to graduate. 

I would like to introduce the 4 Make Up artists who’s the highlight of Mean Girls Makeup show and also give you a glimpse why it was called.

MOVEMENT is a theme Angelica resonates with, as she perceives every vision to be in transition and evolving, morphing and constantly never the same. She believes this is the course of everything in this world and she finds it beautifully designed to be so. She chose her beautiful dynamic characters because they are ever changing in their real life stories as they are in their roles.

Angelica Escarcha

Her passion as a make up artist is to execute her vision from profound thoughts and ideal intentions to endow human experience through make up. She visually renders her inspired impressions of what is beautiful and unique with them.

ELEGANCE in each of Joyce’s fictional and non-fictional characters was specifically chosen as inspirations because they are a direct representation and reflection of how she view’s women’s leadership, strength, bravery, talent, beauty and independence. They may look frail and weak but they defy the odds and make a great impression to those who follow them.

Joyc Young

Her fascination with art and Make-up Artistry is one of the channels wherein she drives herself to create. She aims for the highest standard by being aware of her client’s need at at the same time maintains to create clean, simple and prescise makeup.

ART is her theme of choice as the characters’ lifeblood is art.

Syrel Lopez

Makeup Artistry is her favorite form of artistic expression. She is amazed by the stories behind every face she makes and interpret that by revealing the uniqueness of each individual, harmonized by creating the balance of a good taste, technique, and science. She believes that everyone is different and it deserves to be celebrated.

NOIR is Keith’s theme because her characters are good but have this darkness in them yet strong enough to conquer it. She identifies with this concept because she believes people are like coins. There is good and there is bad.

Keith Christian See

Makeup artistry, it’s her hobby, lifestyle, profession and passion. She wants to simply keep getting better ar what she does and remain hungry and thirsty for both knowledge and creativity without ever comparing herself with other artists. There will always be artists out there she can never be better than, but she can always be better than herself.

So there it goes, the meaning of the mean girls has been revealed by this 4 lovely womens with a goal to inspire everyone in pursuing one’s passion. By the way, the Makeup show was held last August 6, 2016 at the Roofdeck of Baron 3 Gardens in San Juan Manila. This was organized and produced by four of them to launch themselves as the first batch of world class hair and makeup artists advocating excellence in the landscape of beauty, fashion and arts.

To add more, this graduating batch has been known and teased as “MEAN Girls” of the school being always competitive. Therefore, the four took the meaning of MEAN and turned it around hence the acronym was created coincidentally representing the personality and vision of the artists.
That’s it! So never let go of your passion and continue doing what you love. I hope someday I can also enroll myself and become serious in makeup because I really love doing it. 

Beyond Skin Care Approach by Diana Stalder Cafe

How can you say that a person is healthy? Is it by having a flawless skin and looking good or the mere fact that being healthy inside. Well, this is the era wherein people are more focus into their health. As you could observe, people are interested on being fit and healthy, in fact there are some restaurants here in our country that offers organic foods and healthy drinks. I’m sure a lot of fitness enthusiast will be excited for this great news.

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WESTERN DIGITAL Expands Storage Capacity for up to 4TB

Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) last August 2, 2016 announced the launch of its My Passport® Ultra, and upcoming My Passport for Mac and My Passport Ultra Metal portable hard drives, with up to 4TB capacity, filling the need for people to physically carry massive personal collections of videos, photos and other content with them, in a device roughly the size of a smartphone. The perfect blend of style and functionality, these My Passport® portable hard drives meet the needs of today’s consumers with features people love like easy-to-use backup software, password protection and portable style in multiple colors, coupled with USB 3.0 connectivity

 Perfect for students, business people and general consumers on-the-go who prefer to carry their device with them, these My Passport portable hard drives are dependable, with easy-to-use WD Backup™ automatic backup software with cloud-ready Dropbox™ integration and 256-bit AES hardware encryption with password protection to help safeguard against unauthorized drive access. With these My Passport drives, it’s now easier than ever to have a content protection plan that fits everyone’s busy life.


    “The increasingly mobile lifestyle has consumers capturing their lives with smartphones and high-resolution cameras, growing their personal content collections and creating demand for even more storage capacity,” says Sven Rathjen, vice president of marketing, content solutions, Western Digital. “At WD, we’re committed to providing our consumers with space to take their digital lives with them through high-capacity and high-quality devices.”


Pricing and Availability

     My Passport Ultra 4TB portable hard drives have a 3-year limited warranty and are available now from Iontech Technologies Inc., and EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Inc.,  The My Passport Ultra 4TB hard drive has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of Php 10,200. The My Passport for Mac and My Passport Ultra Metal 4TB hard drives will be available next quarter.

Forward Looking Statements

     This news release contains forward-looking statements, including statements relating to the estimated availability of the My Passport for Mac and My Passport Ultra Metal hard drives, the growth of digital storage needs, as well as the demand for increased storage capacity. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements, including but not limited to, the risks detailed from time-to-time in our Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports, including, but not limited to, our most recent annual report on Form 10-K to which your attention is directed. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak as of the date hereof, and WD undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

 Be Active and Run For Life 

​Four out of ten Filipinos are considered to be overweight primarily due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits as revealed by the 2016 Healthy Living Index Survey conducted by the AIA Group.  Compared to 15 of its Asia-Pacific neighbors, the Philippines ranked 9th in terms of wellness.

Philam Life employees who participated in the Metro Manila leg of the 40th National Milo Marathon at the SM Mall of Asia grounds

To combat this growing concern, some companies strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles in order to break these unhealthy habits.  One such company is Philam Life who aims to commit itself to promoting a healthier and more active Filipino community.  Through its Corporate Solutions arm, Philam Life became the official life insurer of the country’s biggest and most anticipated footrace, the 40th National Milo Marathon. 

All Milo Marathon participants get life insurance coverage, accidental death and disability and accidental medical reimbursement benefits during the run which kicked off last June in Dagupan and will have several legs around the country, ending in December with the National Finals at Iloilo.
Philam Life is helping Filipinos attain total wellness not just by being financially prepared, but also by staying active “so they can live longer, healthier and better lives,” as mentioned by the company’s CEO Ariel Cantos.
To know more about Philam Life and its health-focused solutions, please visit www.philamlife.com.

Smart Welcomes Pokemon GO in PH with Free Access for Subscribers

One with the legions of Filipinos excited for the arrival of Pokemon GO in the country, leading mobile services provider Smart Communications has announced that it will give subscribers 7 days of free data access to Pokemon GO upon the launch of the hit game in the Philippines. This offer is available on both Android and iOS users.


Smart and TNT subscribers who are using iPhones or Android smartphones can enjoy 7 days free data access to Pokemon GO upon accessing the game and start playing without data charges for 7 days upon the launch of the game in the country.


A worldwide phenomenon

A location-based augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon GO lets players assume the role of a trainer who discovers and catches Pokemon or “pocket monsters” as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.


Players level up their Pokemon and battle other trainers to gain Pokécoins that can be spent on in-game items.


Developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company, Pokemon GO has swept gamers since it was first launched in the USA, Australia and New Zealand on July 6. The game is now available in over 30 countries, including Japan, where the original Pokemon game and anime series originated.


#PHforPokemonGO campaign


“Smart is one with the whole nation in waiting for Pokemon GO to finally go live in the Philippines, and we are very excited to welcome the game in our own big way,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Mobile Business Head.


“Smart subscribers nationwide can look forward to more special treats and promos that will allow them to make the most of their Pokemon GO experience.”


Drumming up the excitement among millions of Filipino fans, Smart joined the rally for #PHForPokemonGO on social media since the game was released in select markets last July 6.  On Twitter alone, the anticipation and clamor for the game reached more than 14 million impressions on over the last couple of weeks for Smart to Welcome Pokemon GO in PH with Free Access for Subscribersmart and Pokemon Go.


Leveled-up Pokemon GO experience

 Smart and TNT subscribers can easily level up their gameplay via convenient and secure Pokemon Go in-app purchases even without a credit card.


With Smart’s Google Direct Carrier Billing for Android users, subscribers can easily purchase Pokecoins, Pokemon Go’s currency mainly used for buying items that will help gamers catch Pokemons – directly charged to their prepaid load or postpaid.


Smart Postpaid subscribers who are iPhone users can also conveniently buy Pokecoins, charged to their monthly billing, through Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service.


Catch the latest updates on Pokemon GO by following Smart’s official accounts on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications), Snapchat (LiveSmartPH), Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

Missing Goldilocks Cake Found

Maybe your one of the curious people why the Goldilocks billboards which can be seen in selected roads in Manila looks like torn apart. And recently, I also revealed that the missing Goldilocks cake is a contest in which you will find the the missing cake.

Early last June, Goldilocks billboards in key areas of the metropolis simultaneously displayed a giant 50th Anniversary celebration cake. The signature cake was truly attention-grabbing, featuring a delightfully decorated mocha cake with a number 50 candle topping it off. 
Roughly a week later, however, countless people were perplexed when these cakes literally went missing, leaving a gaping cake-shaped hole hole right in the middle of the billboards. Discussions and theories flew left and right on social media, with news reports in mainstream print and television following suit. People wanted to know… where was the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake?
After a long search, it has finally been found. Thousands of people looked for the missing cake, and many found it in participating Goldilocks stores all over the city.  Using an automated raffle machine, Goldilocks named five winners of Php 10,000 cash among those who found the cake, namely Resly Morgado, Joahne Pauline Adaya, Maria Elizabeth Andres, Junella B. Doliata, and Maria Camellia Cabigon. Ten more received a cash prize of Php 5,000 while five more won PhP 1,000 worth of Goldilocks gift certificates.

Missing Goldilocks Cake Found

All of the winners were first overwhelmed with curiosity, but ultimately, had fun and are now looking forward to more amazing promos from Goldilocks.
To know more about Goldilocks promos, follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at www.goldilocks.com.ph. 

Back to School with Western Digital Black

​School is back, and school supplies are once again must-buys. While stuff like pens, notebooks, and other materials are important, gadgets and tech are becoming increasingly vital in schoolwork. Back then, reports are done by hand, but now slideshows are the norm. Same goes with assignments and researches; even note taking is now done via gadgets.

Technology is now making education easier and more hassle-free for students. But with more and more tasks being done electronically, storage space is now more important than ever. So is having back-up option for your files, as you never know when these important files might be deleted or corrupted.

With Western Digital, however, it will be a breeze to store and manage your files for all your school activities. In particular, college students from multimedia courses will surely find the WD Black Internal Storage extremely useful.

WD Black Mobile 2.5-inch Internal Laptop Storage             

The WD Black Mobile 2.5-inch Hard Drive is the best option for students with previous generation laptops that need more storage with high endurance levels. This caters to IT Students who work rigorously in programming or virtualization for test simulated server related projects. It also caters to Multimedia Arts Students who spend a lot of time rendering video and photo files on their laptops. WD’s Black Mobile 2.5-inch Hard Drive combines a high performance 7200 RPM spin speed, 16 MB cache and SATA 6 Gb/s interface for the ultimate in power computing for notebooks. This hard drive is performance-tested and perfect for use in Apple Notebooks and Windows Notebooks
For more details, visit www.wdc.com.

Asus Philippines’ ZenFone 3 Laser and ZenFone 3 Max Arrival this August

Being a blogger, I always go online and update my social media account. Therefore, I need a phone that will accompany me by doing this, thank god ZenFone Max was released. This time, I am looking forward to another incredible innovation of ZenFone 3 which I heard has an amazing camera, a realiable  and lasting performance and a sleek design. Something that every individual would really love to have and in an affordable price of course.

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On government policy for 911 and 8888:  Globe will comply

Globe Telecom is ready to comply with the government directive to provide access to 911 and 8888 numbers for government emergency hotline and complaint hotline.  All services will be for voice services only beginning August 1.

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Philam Foundation and Happy Hearts Fund renew partnership for Pinoy children

The Philam Group’s CSR arm, Philam Foundation (PFI), continues its philanthropic endeavours by continuing its partnership with the Happy Hearts Fund (HHF), which aims to rebuild safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters.  PFI and HHF recently signed an agreement for another joint project to build nine classrooms worth US$225,000 (Php10Million).

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A Bottle of Homegrown Goodness from Goldilocks

Filipinos have been used to having condiments (sauces, relishes, spices, etc) beside whatever food they are eating because it simply bring more taste and boosts their appetite.

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