Goldilocks presents Chunky Chocolate Cake

What is it with chocolate that makes it so endearing to the hearts and taste buds of so many people? Numerous studies have shown that chocolate has multiple benefits: It can uplift moods, improve blood flow, and lastly, it tastes really good!

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​PHILAM Life’s Future Scholar: Investing now to ensure your child’s education

For Filipino parents, making the most out of their hard-earned money is always a challenge. For the financially savvy, the challenge is on prioritizing which future need they should save up for. According to recent studies conducted by Philam Life, education always falls among the top five financial priorities across different market segments. 

The studies revealed that across market segments, from the Filipino-Chinese to the Younger Affluent and to the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), education is a key priority in Filipino families. The Filipino-Chinese parents consider their children’s education as equally important as spending quality time with their family. Similarly, the Younger Affluent parents prioritize their children’s education over saving up for their retirement. Among OFW parents, many regard the completion of their children’s college education as one of the conditions that would allow them to come home.

“We understand that education is a key priority among Filipino parents but they are wary of getting an education plan because of the pre-need issue in the past. They are also faced with the challenges of increasing tuition fees and the additional expense brought about by the extended years of basic education,” said Philam Life CEO Aibee G. Cantos.
From Left to Right: Rozanne Magararu (PHILAM Head of Communications), Ariel Cantos (PHILAM Life Chief Executive Officer), Mei-Chee Shum (PHILAM Life Chief Marketing Officer)

As the country’s most trusted life insurance company, Philam Life is well positioned to help parents overcome these financial challenges and worries. “We have a long history of empowering Filipinos and we remain a strong and trustworthy partner of parents in achieving their dreams for their children,” Cantos added. 

In the last 10 years, Philam Life paid out over Php10 Billion in education benefits (2004-2015). Last May, 50,000 scholars received their education payout for the first semester of SY 2016-2017. This October, 51,000 checks will be released for the second semester of SY 2016-2017. 

“Times are changing and Philam Life has an important role to play in helping parents achieve their aspirations for their children. That’s why we continue to develop innovative product solutions that are relevant and responsive to their real life needs,” said Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer Mei-Chee Shum.

Philam Life introduces Future Scholar, an education plan that provides long-term growth potential and guaranteed education benefits. It offers access to Philam Life’s expertly-managed funds and guaranteed education benefits. The plan’s premiums would be waived in case the parent passes away or suffers from a total and permanent disability, and there is an option to get life insurance coverage for the parent that the family can use to supplement the education funding. Customers can choose from two simple payment options – pay over 5 years or pay regularly until the child turns 17

“Parents are always thinking about the future of their children. They want their children to finish school and become successful. Philam Life’s Future Scholar is a product that help them realize their dreams for their children,” said Shum.

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RTL CBS ASIA Presents Dr. Bull

​Michael Weatherly may have said goodbye to his role as Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on NCIS, but his new role does not take him far from the twists and turns of the justice system.

After playing the role of a senior field agent in 13 seasons of NCIS, Michael Weatherly is taking the lead in the brand new show BULL.

“I’m gonna miss his repressive sense of humor, what I won’t miss is wearing that gun, that was uncomfortable,” Weatherly said about his NCIS character during an interview.

BULL takes inspiration from the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, co-founder of top trial consulting firm Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI), which has provided trial consulting services for Fortune 500 companies as well as talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

“It’s been amazing to play a character who is all about human connection, he’s about finding out why we do the things we do, but he’s also about getting to the truth of something,” Weatherly said in another interview.

In this new series, Weatherly shifts from law enforcement to trial analytics. His character, trial consultant Dr. Jason Bull, does everything to get the justice his clients deserve.

“What’s fascinating about the whole world of trial analytics and the sciences of it is that they’re looking at things that you don’t think about,” Weatherly said.

“He (Dr. Bull) looks at a jury trial and looks at the identities of everybody involved from the judge to the attorneys, to the jury, and the witness and defendant, and he figures out what everyone’s thinking,” he added.

The doctor is perfectly aware that the 12 ordinary people making up a jury have the power to decide a person’s fate at court. He also knows that these jurors possess a preconceived notion of the truth. That’s why the key to winning a trial is by winning over the jury.

Dr. Bull further understands that even the tiniest details such as relationship status, clothes, and hairstyle can turn the court against the defendant. To avoid an unfavorable outcome, he works with a team of experts to make sure that his clients are on their best behavior and will say the right things at the witness stand.
His staff includes a lawyer who acts as defense attorney in mock trials, a neurolinguistics expert who used to be a part of the Department of Homeland Security, a former detective from the New York Police Department, a haughty millennial hacker, and a fashion stylist.

“What this show really looks at are the choices that we make, and who we think we are versus how other people think we are, and it starts to get to a hall of mirrors. It takes very complex people to figure out complex people,” Weatherly said.

BULL also stars Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty, Six Feet Under), Geneva Carr (Rescue Me, Law and Order: Criminal Intent), Annabelle Attanasio (The Knick, House M.D.), Chris Jackson (Oz), and Jaime Lee Kirchner (The Mob Doctor, Mercy) along with Weatherly.
The show premieres the same day as the U.S. on September 21, Wednesday 9:00pm, first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment.

Miguel Tanfelix named as U4U Celebrity Ambassador

The rising Kapuso actor Miguel Tanfelix was recently introduced as the first Celebrity Ambassador of U4U, the Commission on Population (POPCOM) flagship program for Filipino teens. POPCOM‘s partnership with the teen star was formally launched during a press conference held last september 14, 2016 in Quezon City.

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Delsan Celebrates 25th year in the business

Delsan Office Systems Corp.  celebrated last September 9, 2016 its 25th years of innovative printer and software technology by hosting a company partners’ night for stakeholders, select media and VIP guests at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. The anniversary celebration consisted of an afternoon media presentation, industry networking and a full evening of variety and entertainment program. The event symbolized the Delsan‘s spirit of delivering incredible experiences and striving to achieve excellence in everything the company pursues.

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AVIDA Land’s Jumpstart your Future towards Financial Freedom

For a shopaholic girl like me, saving could be the hardest thing to do. Good thing Avida sent me a book which I’ll be able to learn about saving and have a financial freedom.

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Acting PhilTA President promotes reform to make a world-class tennis association for the Philippines

Philta‘s acting president, Randy Villanueva recently organized the Philippine Tennis Summit that gathered local stakeholders of tennis to discuss the present state of industry and identified action plans towards its improvement.

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OPPO is now 2nd bestselling smartphone brand in the Philippines

German-based market research organization GfK reported that OPPO is now the second bestselling smartphone brand in the ASEAN’s fastest growing mobile market, the Philippines.

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WD Gold Enterprise-class Hard Drives Now Offer up to 10TB Capacity

Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC), a world leader in storage solutions, today announced a new, high-capacity configuration of up to 10TB for its award-winning  WD Gold™ datacenter hard drives. Designed for modern enterprise storage systems, WD Gold 10TB datacenter hard drives feature HelioSeal® helium-technology for high capacity, power efficient storage for datacenter environments.

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Haier’s inverter tech brings energy savings beyond standards

Inverter technology has revolutionized home appliances, bringing greater energy efficiencies that translate to more savings. In particular, refrigerators—which traditionally consume almost 1,800kwh/year—are now being designed with digital inverter compressors that cut down electricity consumption from about 500 to 380kwh/year.

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