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What really fuels our Hunger?

What really fuels our Hunger?

Everyone has their own passion and a unique drive in pursuing their dreams. But our common ground is Hunger – it’s what fuels us to make use of our talents and continuously strive to change the world. However, the real question here is not what makes us hungry but rather what fuels our hunger? Our hunger for success and our pursuit for greatness.

Photo by Anthony Neilson

This month, Yellow Cab Pizza Company fuels the hunger of this generation’s great eight, proving that hungry people are unstoppable and invincible. Let’s meet these individuals that best represents Yellow Cab’s big campaign, No Stopping The Hungry.

These are the 8 of the hungriest personalities in sports, music, fashion, film and art.

Up Dharma Down (The Hungry Musicians)

Anygma (The Hungry Hiphop Head)

Pepe Diokno (The Hungry Filmmaker)

Ron Poe (The Hungry Artist)

Don’t Blame The Kids (The Hungry Designers)

Skymarines (The Hungry One-Woman Band)

Jake De Leon of Philippine Wrestling Revolution (The Hungry Wrestler)

Eric Giganto of KAYA Futbol Club (The Hungry Footballer)

Each one of these Hunger is featured in a short clip directed by our one and only hungry filmmaker, Pepe Diokno. These clips will give us a glimpse on how Yellow Cab fuels the unstoppable pursuits and passions of hunger.

“We’ve always believed that real greatness starts with being hungry,” said Mark De Joya, Brand Development Director of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. ” So through this campaign, we hope to ignite and fuel your personal hunger and find that something which drives you to be where or who you want to be.”

Photo by Anthony Neilson

Frankly speaking, I have been working for a company I love and still care about for almost a decade now but because of this campaign, I have come to realized that it is time for me to follow what I am passionate about. Like Pepe Diokno and the rest of the 8 hungriest personalities, I also consider myself a Hungry Filmmaker, Video Editor, Director, Photographer, Entrepreneur and an Artist. And I already have made my first step by quitting from work and start focusing on what really makes me happy.

“We are also excited to announce that Yellow Cab wants to hear what you are hungry for and where this hunger will take you with a P20,000 hunger grant. Whether it’s finally recording your music, funding your start-up business, or finally pursuing a passion project, we at Yellow Cab want to literally fuel that hunger,” added Elise Veloso, Senior Marketing of Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Photo by Anthony Neilson

Nothing should stop us from dreaming but never forgot to also take action and make that dream a reality. Let’s always stay hungry and never stop looking for that passion which fuels our personal hunger – which is definitely a big, generious slice of Yellow Cab Pizza!

Share your hunger stories with Yellow Cab and how Yellow Cab fuels you everyday. Use the #FuelTheHungry and #NoStoppingTheHungry and tag them on their social media accounts:






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