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Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic: 24-Karat Anti-Aging Facial with Diamond Peel

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic: 24-Karat Anti-Aging Facial with Diamond Peel

Having facial is one thing that I wanted to do but the pricking process makes me wants to back out. Well, honestly I experienced a lot facial processes that made me fell asleep but there were few clinics that I did swore that I wouldn’t try again. Fortunately, Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic was the newest addition to my list that I will visit again without any hesitation.


Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic has two branches. The one I visited was located in Pioneer St., Pasig City. It’s actually near Jollibee and the Pioneer Supermarket that has a parking space. To my surprise, I was greeted by their instagrammable/lovely lobby setup. It was classy and refreshing to my eyes. I was also greeted by their staff who were too friendly and accommodating. Ms. Charissa, the marketing of Skin House Laser Clinic gave me a brief background of the clinic. I was really happy to know that the staff are registered nurses.

Skin caring is my thing. I may not be as diligent like other people who have the luxury to have their facial every month but I still do my best to take care of my skin at home. As a matter of fact, I rarely have pimples, only whenever I lack sleep or I’m too stressed out. Just like everyone who had horror stories in having their facial procedure, I too experienced such thing . The first time I had my facial was during my teenage years and that time, facial care centers doesn’t require to have a consent from the parents. 

Since Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic is new to me, they recommended me to try the 24-Karat Anti-Aging Facial with Diamond Peel. Just like I mentioned before, due to my schedule, I don’t have time to have my facial every month, the good thing was that I rarely have pimples.

The Nurse Aesthetician who did the procedure was Liezl. We actually got along well since I’m also a nurse by profession. She was really nice and very keen on answering all my queries and questions with regards to skin care. 

The procedure began with skin cleansing and facial massage. This procedure was done to remove the makeup and stubborn dirt on my face. This is an essential in preparation for the pricking process, to make the black heads and white heads visible. The skin massage per se was really relaxing, if only I would’t have to take photos of myself, I think I have already fell asleep during the first step.

Afterwards, the steaming process began. Steam is essential because it helps to soften the skin and prepares your skin for the pricking. This procedure lasted for only 15 minutes. Liezl adjusted the position of the steaming machine depending on my skin’s sensitivity level.

The third step was the pricking which made me deeply inhaled and exhaled for three times. It is one of the things I hated on the facial procedure. To my surprise, after this photo was taken, I really did fell asleep. Liezl is really light-handed and I didn’t felt any pain.



The fourth step was the 24-Karat mask application. It was cold refreshing. The feeling is like someone poured an iced-water on my face. The mask helps in renewing skin, improve blood flow. It also contains high in antioxidants and minerals, slows down depletion of collagen and sagging of skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The pigment of the mask which was gold is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce redness. It lasted for 20 minutes and followed by laser to close my pores.


For the price? It costs around Php 1,550 for the 24-Karat Anti-Aging Facial with Diamond Peel. The price is just right for the procedure. 


I am really satisfied with the services they have given me. I’m looking forward to my next month schedule. If you also like to avail their services you can book an appointment on the following branches.


Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic Branches:



Tel: 542.4106, 254.3987

Mobile: 0917 898 SKIN (0917-898-7546) / 0917 515 SKIN (0917-515-7546)




Tel: 631.0136

Mobile: 0917-8290990


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