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UNIQLO SPORT: Workout with Comfort and Style

UNIQLO SPORT: Workout with Comfort and Style

UNIQLO continuous to prove that they maintain to provide quality comfort without compromising style in their line of products. Now, UNIQLO launched the UNIQLO SPORT collection for Filipinos who are active in lifestyle.

This Spring/Summer 2017, the collection has been expanded to encompass a wider range of sports that help enhance athletic performance for top athletes and regular individuals alike.
UNIQLO SPORT: The DRY-EX Neck T-Shirt and the DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Short Pants.
UNIQLO SPORT: The DRY-EX Crew and V Neck T-Shirt (Mapping) and DRY-EX V Neck T-Shirt (Shadow)


“UNIQLO takes pride in making comfortable clothes that improve the way Filipinos live, and this philosophy also applies to our active wear. This season , we were thrilled to showcase the latest UNIQLO SPORT lineup, full of functional and stylish pieces,” shares Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer, UNIQLO Philippines.


Wearing active clothes across a range of everyday context has become a global fashion phenomenon, as people all over the world seek to balance their busy lifestyles with their healthy activity. To meet this need, UNIQLO SPORT provides a chic and innovative approach to athletic apparel for customers world over.

Last week, I was invited by UNIQLO to try out boxing wearing the UNIQLO SPORT workout clothes at Flyweight in BGC. Though it is not my first time to try boxing, this was my first time to try boxing class, this time with fashion bloggers, exciting wasn’t it? This was actually a good one because even if I wanted to give up, I really can’t since it such a shame because everyone was doing it. yay!

The CEO of UNIQLO Katsumi Kubota was just right behind me during the boxing class and even him, he really had fun even if it was really tiring. On top of it, wearing UNIQLO SPORT while boxing is also a good thing because I can easily move. Their workout clothes is not just comfortable, it is also my trusted brand for five years.

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