They say Delimondo is the best corned beef in the world

They say Delimondo is the best corned beef in the world

Delimondo Store and Café

JAKA Center, Urban Avenue corner Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Opens: 7am to 6pm ( Monday to Friday) and 7am to 3pm (Saturday)


They say it’s the best corned beef in world! When you ask someone what’s the best brand of corned beef, the answer they always say is Delimondo.

They were right! Whether you wanted your corned beef as spiced up with garlic and chili or ranch style, Delimondo got you covered! Honestly, it was my first time tasting the Delimondo’s corned beef and from then on, I can proudly say that I am now a huge fan.

Aside from corned beef, Delimondo has a wide variety of products such as Sausages, canned meat, Prepared food, Marinades,Drizzling oil and many more!


Just like the design of the products, Delimodo Store has a black and white interiors. As you enter the store, you feel a sense of welcome with its white walls, marble tables, quaint wooden chairs and wall-to-wall product displays.
Delimondo Store and Cafe

Good news! The new Delimondo store now allows you to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. I know you will be tempted and will have a hard time to choose what to buy. Actually some of my friends went crazy and kept on asking about the store when I first posted it on my Instagram. 

The new and improved Delimondo store will now serve food, specialty cakes and breads as well. Where most of the dishes will be made out of the various Delimondo products found in the stores shelves such as the most popular sought after Delimondo Kaldereta Lasagna. Tip! Don’t forget to also try the Spicy Luncheon Meat Kimchi Fried Rice and the Sausage Ragu Pasta, they we’re actually the best. (craving for it)
Batido De Sardinas on Baguette
Delimondo Bacalao Ala Vizcaina Croquette
Main Course Trio: Delimondo Hot Italian Sausage Ragu, Delimondo Luncheon Meat Kimchi Rice, and Delimondo Corned Beef Kaldereta Lasagna.
Dessert Trio: San Marco, Petra’s Chocolate Cake and Ube Cheesecake

“The goal is to increase awareness of our other products at the same time give our customers ideas on how else to prepare our products,” explains JAKA President and CEO Ms. Katrina Ponce Enrile.

Too bad Delimondo is close during Sunday, however be sure to visit the store often because the dishes will change from time to time. Already tried dining at Delimondo? Share me your favorite menu.

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