Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 speaker Review

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 speaker Review

Samsung sent me the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 to have it reviewed. As we all know, Samsung has a lot of unimaginable devices and amazing smart home appliances, no wonder, they have a lot of futuristic products.

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 speaker is one of the line of high-end speakers of Samsung. Speaking of 360, the speaker has a omnidirectional technology which projects a well-balanced sound in every direction. It also has a multiroom functionality which can be connected via wireless network. All you need to have is the smartphone app which can be downloaded as free on apple and google playstore, you can play your downloaded music on your smartphone or even on your music app.

If you think that this is just another speaker, well, you need to see the latter.
Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 speaker packaging

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R1 speaker unboxing



Samsung 360 R1 speaker is pro in minimalist and classic design, well its great, at least for me. It also has feature touch sensitive controls on top of the unit. It doesn’t require more space and with its all black look, it will fit into most interiors without bringing undue attention upon themselves.

At the top of the speaker, it has a touch sensitive controls, LED Indicator and of course, the Samsung Logo. The Mode button is for different connectivity options such as TV SoundConnect, Bluetooth, and WiFi while the button on the right is for volume adjustment. The bottom and the top also has a gesture controls. Tapping the top part Play/Pauses the music, while tapping the buttom part is for either next/previous song.

At the bottom of the speaker is where you can find the DC 19V power adaptor port, a microUSB port and button for SPK and WiFi setup.

Sad to say, the Samsung R1 speaker isn’t wireless. Since it is marketed to be used at home, it has a bulky power adaptor.

Swipe left/right – to navigate playlist

tapping – to pause/resume, volume adjust, WiFi/bluetooth

R1 speaker can be used as either Multiroom or in Bluetooth function. If you want to use the Multiroom functionality, you must connect to your wireless network first, via a companion app for iOs and Android. If on Bluetooth, just simply pair your smartphone to the speaker, just easy as 1,2,3.


Configuring the R1 multiroom speaker using the app is really difficult, well I think for me. I don’t know if its because of our WiFi connection or the application itself.


Sound Quality

The first thing that come out of my mind when I played a music using the R1 speaker is how clear it was. The sound quality was great and provides a more natural and clearer sound. Since it has 360 degree sound, it is undistorted no matter what angle you’re listening at. Thanks to its clever cylindrical design, no matter what room the speaker is, the sound is consistently good. However, you might don’t want to play a music on its highest volume because you may experience a hint of sound distortion.


Php 7,490

Will I purchase?

Definitely yes! Even if the speaker is not wireless, I would still purchase this because of its very good sound quality. Its a actually a good investment as a home speaker because of its affordable price and speaker with a lot of function.





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