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Product Review: CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection for Dry and Damage Hair

Product Review: CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection for Dry and Damage Hair

If there’s something stubborn on my body, that would be my hair. Lol. Honestly, I’m too lazy to go to salon and I only avail their haircut services. I had my hair bleached last November 2015 (Hair Make over) and from then on I never had it treated. Can you imagine how dry my hair is? I also experience hair fall because of the dryness of my hair. I can’t imagine my life without a conditioner before and now I can say that “I can!”

I’ve been a member of group with a common interest, from make ups to skin care. I really enjoyed reading stories, advices and beauty tips from all the members in the group. So this is where I discovered what my hair really needed.

It’s a korean product so all the informations indicated was written in Hangeul but after researching and researching in Google,  I finally learned how to use it.

The CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection is specifically for dry and damaged hair. It is perfect for the people who had their hair colored and bleached, like me or those people who always iron and blow dry their hair. It is created to hydrate and protect the hair from heat damage. It has ingredients necessary for the protection of your hair like keratin, amino acids silk, elastin and wheat protein.

Price: 70 pesos per ampule

Where to buy:

I bought this from Rye Ibrahem in Facebook and ryeibrahem on shopee account, you can also buy it in Althea.

How to use:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry it with your towel.

2. After air drying, apply the keratin injection evenly on the ends of your hair. I never put anything on my scalp because the bleached part of my hair were already grown out.

What I like:

1. I experience less hair fall after applying this product.

2. I can feel my hair more silkier and softer even after waking up.

3. It is very effective.

4. It is very economical to use, the product can be spread evenly in to my hair without putting a large amount.

5. My hair is still silkier and softer even without the conditioner.

6. It is an effective home treatment to make my hair more manageable.

What I don’t like:

1. The instruction is written in Hangeul.

I am using the product every after 3 days but I still do shampoo my hair because my scalp tends to become oily if I don’t. Some people use this product for every after 2-3 days and not using shampoo after applying the keratin injection. So basically this product is a leave on product.


I can rate this for 4.5/5 and highly recommend this to everyone who has been enduring dry and frizzy hair in everyday of their lives. It really works for my hair and I really enjoyed using this product.

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