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Europeanne Aesthetics Review: Say Goodbye to Contouring Products and Embrace the Slimmer Face with Nannic Serum

Europeanne Aesthetics Review: Say Goodbye to Contouring Products and Embrace the Slimmer Face with Nannic Serum

Contouring make-ups are now in demand and I also one of them who’s crazy about it. There are a lot of make up contour products out there that can make our face a bit slim. But this won’t last long after you have removed your make up. I can’t complain because my cheeks became puffy because of eating too much fast foods and sweets, well I can’t help it, everybody loves eating right?

I admit that I’m a shallow person, my confidence goes down when I saw my pictures with a chubby face. Sometimes I don’t want to smile on my selfies because I look fat. I have a lot of make up for contouring and I spend a lot of time facing the mirror. I’m also the type of person who hate retouching my make up and spending hours on the bathroom just to do it, but then, these are the disadvantages of having a round face.

Contouring can make or break you, “make you” because it enhanced your facial structure and highlight your face, while “break you” because once you applied too much, it will mess your overall look and have a dirtier face.

The first time I went to the event to review the Europeanne Aesthetics clinic, I felt a mix of excitement and nervous. Some thoughts that lingers within me was is it painless? do i need post medication? how long will it last? Is the treatment non-surgical and etc.


What is Europeanne Aesthetics?

The Europeanne Aesthetics is an aesthetic clinic established, operated and managed by specialized doctors trained for years in locally and internationally well-known hospitals in Manila and Belgium.

It was owned by Dra. Dorris Viaje-Velasco, ENT Head and Neck Surgeon, studied in UP-PGH (graduated 2009) and in Belgium from 2011 to 2014.

Europeanne Aesthetics is the one and only exclusive distributor in the Philippines of Nannic International ( a cosmetic based in Belgium)

Too bad that I wasn’t able to meet Dra. Velasco that time because she was not feeling well but her Aestheticians namely Dhey and Sienna were able to assist and gave me some knowledge about the clinic.

At first, Sienna had a brief presentation about the Clinic, the products and the services they offer. I also had a quick ocular inspection of the Clinic, honestly it was the biggest Aesthetic Clinic I visited. It has a 1 room for VIP, with a shower room inside and 3 single beds separated with curtains.

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review
Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review
Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review

I also filled up my informations and my health history. This is a vital information for them as they were able to evaluate the clients’ needs and wants to achieve.

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: Nannic Serums

The Nannic Serum had different effects such as lifting effects, removes scars and stretch marks, fat reduction, impures your skin or for acne, and removes cellulite formation. That’s why they are assessing you because it actually depends in what do you want to improve.

Nannic also have two machines:

1. The Nannic RF (Radio Frequency)

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: Nannic RF

2. Nannic DS (Deep Skin)

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: Nannic DS

What I chose was the lifting or the contouring effect, the Nannic serum they used was the flaccid. It actually last for 1-2 months depending on your lifestyle and diet. The good thing about the procedure, it is only for 1 hour and it is non surgical and painless.

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: Before the RF Nannic Serum Treatment


The first thing they did was the Cleansing

  • To remove the make up and also for the Nannic serum to be fully absorbed by the skin.

The procedure, the countouring using the Radio frequency using Nannic Serum-flaccid

  • With a little amount of force and heat, it was actually painless, but if you’re like me who can’t resist too much heat, you can ask the Aesthetician to lower the temperature.

The last one, application of Mask

  • It was also a Nannic product and an anti pollution mask. It is actually used to close and tighten your pores.


Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: Look at the difference, my right face was contoured well compared to my rounded/untouch face on the left.

Europeanne Aesthetics Clinic Review: With the two Aestheticians, Dhay and Sienna.

After the treatment, I was advised to not to wash my face for 8 hours for the Nannic serum to be fully absorbed by my skin. I was also advised to drink warm water only.



  • I definitely recommend the Europeanne Aesthetic Clinics, it was a quick and easy treatment and you can see the result in an instant. The Aestheticians in the Clinic was very knowledgeable with the services and can really perform it well.


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Europeanne Aesthetics branches:


Makati branch:

  • Unit G8, BSA Suites Condominium, #103 C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.
  • Contact number: (02) 831 9290
  • Operations: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, opens daily

Batangas branch: